This project has 5 main research objectives:

  1. To carry out ground breaking research to address three research questions which will bring an informed historical perspective to management issues of relevance in the present day:
    • what is the contribution of British entrepreneurship in the development of Brazilian business;
    • how tangible and intangible assets, such as capital investments in business, and in patent and trademark protection, shed new light in studies on international competitiveness;
    • what explains firms’ long-term resilience in Brazil.

  2. To develop a new approach to analyse patterns of international trade and investment, by combining archival research, with patents and trademark data.

  3. To build capacity within the Business History profession in the UK and Brazil, by supporting the development two Research Assistants.
To communicate the results of the research in a variety of ways as detailed in sections ‘Planned Research outputs’ and ‘Plans for Publication/Dissemination’.

  5. To build a sustainable collaborative international research partnership between British and Brazilian institutions, which among other initiatives, will aim to expand the teaching, and also research topic to the present day.

Project Design

The project engages with business and economic history, and management studies, in particular international business, and seeks to exploit synergies between these fields. The methodologies used include archival research into private and publicly held records (see section ‘Plan of Action’). The data collected will be used in case studies, descriptive statistics and econometric analysis.

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