Preliminary Findings

The first paper resulting from this project on “British Investment in Brazil, 187501914: A Re-Interpretation’ looks at the impact of British trade and tangible and intangible investments on Brazilian economic development from 1875 to 1914, a period when Britain was the main foreign presence in this country. It combines conventional trade and investment data, with trademark registration data and detailed case study analysis. It shows that an account of the impact of a developed country in a developing country, should not only examine conventional trade and foreign investment data in tangible assets, but should also consider the impact knowledge transfer by expatriates. By focusing on the development of the textiles industry, the paper shows that British expatriate entrepreneurs were key in transferring technological and marketing knowledge to Brazil, greatly contributing to the development of this industry. The paper draws on company archives and public records in the UK and Brazil, and also on a collection of original patent and trademark data relating to the British presence in Brazil.

Research and Dissemination

‘British Investment in Brazil, 1975-1914: A Re- Interpretation’ paper presented at the following conferences:

  • Joint Business History Conference and European Business History Conference, Miami 24-27 June 2015
  • Association of Business Historians, Exeter 3-4 July 2015.
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